Background is a fun and rewarding surveying platform. It is part of the 7awi group of sites that include sites like:,,, and The main purpose of the site is to help clients get valuable insights about their market and users to improve the products and services offered. doesn’t advertise any product or service and doesn’t share any user identifying information with its clients. The results of the surveys are shared in a form of numbers and percentages.

Our product and services conducts surveys and polls on the internet about websites, products, companies, services and advertisements, and other topics of general interest. Survey responses are collected then analyzed to better understand user awareness, behavior and attitudes.

Deeply profiled users

With profiling surveys that are launched frequently, we are collecting deep information about users on variant topics, from automotive and finance, to shopping and internet behavior, in addition to other profiling information that enable us to target the right respondents to the right topic. Timely profiling data is consistently updated, leading to accurate targeting and less spam to our users. Users only get the surveys that they match their profile and interest.

Focusing on quality

Quality is our first priority as we constantly ensure delivering reliable data and useful insights to our clients. By latest security technology, we take into account multiple technical parameters to automatically prevent cheating and internet frauds in registration and survey participation phases, so data quality is guaranteed and maintained on the long run, along with the manual quality checks that are done on a regular basis as well.

Loyalty is the key

One of our primary objectives is to keep up our users engaged, to maintain panel strength and yet to grow as time goes by. We always aim to turn on normal users to loyal users through engaging programs and by being the research knowledge center for thousands of people in this region. We appreciate our members every time they participate in a survey through an attractive and fair rewarding system. Simply, it doesn’t take lots of efforts to be a winner!